Rules of Engagement

The success of our members is our dominating priority. If our members are doing well, we do well. If our member’s rights are infringed or compromised, we take immediate corrective action.

We also need to protect our intellectual property (or IP) that has been developed over the years.

Our IP includes our books, ebooks, publications, marketing items included in the marketing gallery, logos, videos and video programs, audios and audio programs, letters, scripts, concepts and strategies.

The most popular feature with members is exclusivity and as we have made an undertaking these exclusive area rights will not be infringed, we need to define this policy and explain how we offer protection.

Rule 1. Exclusivity

How does exclusivity work and what does it mean?
[Please note: ‘EARs’ means Exclusive Area Rights. ‘EA’ means Exclusive Area]

The exclusivity rule is simple. It means you can only make public offers of Bestagents products within your EA.
To help with clarification we will define the various marketing methods and media used and how the exclusivity rule applies in each case.

Hard Marketing: Bestagents designed or generated letters, cards, flyers, door hangers or anything physically deliverable offering a Bestagents product can only be delivered within the EA. Please note that all Bestagents marketing materials including letters, all printed designs and marketing pieces are protected by copyright and are only permitted by financial Bestagents members under license which is included with membership.

  • Fixed Outdoor Marketing: Can only be located within the member’s EA.
  • Mobile Outdoor Marketing: Must regularly travel through or within member’s EA.
  • Point of Sale Marketing (Office): Point of Sale/offer must be located within the member’s EA.
  • Point of Sale Marketing (Open House): Members can offer Bestagents products at an open house where that open house is out of their EA but the offer can only be made to people inspecting the property. There can be no public or street level marketing.
  • Radio: Must broadcast into member’s EA.
  • Television: Must broadcast into member’s EA.
  • Internet Marketing: This includes Facebook, Google ads etc. Ads must carry notice that the offer is only available in the member’s EA.
  • Domain Marketing: Banner Ad’s on must pertain only to member’s EA.
  • Sponsorships & Promotional Events: Please confirm with us via email.
  • Skywriting: Knock yourself out!

FAQs about exclusivity:

Q. Can I distribute Bestagents lead generation offers and other BA material at an open house if it’s not in my EA? – YES

Q. Can I distribute Bestagents lead generation offers and other BA material around my listing or sale if it’s not in my EA? – NO

Q. Can I send direct mail (hard mail) offering Bestagents marketing material to my established contacts if they are not a resident in my EA? – YES, as long as the mail piece is addressed specifically to that contact.

Q. Can I send emails offering Bestagents marketing material to my established contacts if they are not a resident in my EA? – YES, as long as the email is addressed specifically to that contact.

Exclusivity summary:

Bestagents members join the group with full knowledge that these rules apply. We want members to work their EAs as hard as they can. That’s the whole idea. The reality is you don’t need vast tracts of homes to make your membership super profitable. In fact, many of Bestagents most successful members focus on areas of less than 2,000 properties.

When it comes to direct response marketing, we’ve found and proven many times that it’s way more productive to ‘hit’ a smaller area 8 times a year than ‘bomb’ vast areas once or twice a year. Let your competition do that. They will go broke and wonder why the phone doesn’t ring all at the same time. More about this during our webinar series.

Rule 2. The one warning rule

For your protection, we have the one warning rule. Where an infringement is found to have taken place, that member receives one warning to cease or rectify the infringement. Should that infringement or any other occur again during the life of the membership then we reserve the right to terminate membership immediately and offer the former member’s exclusive postcode to someone else.

Rule 3. Membership Cessation

a) Where a membership ceases for whatever reason the former member agrees to immediately cease using any and all Bestagents products including hard copy books, materials and endorsements, and also agrees to immediately remove, at their own expense, any and all advertising from any and all locations whether they are fixed, mobile, online (website or Facebook) or ongoing in any way physical or digital.

b) Where a membership ceases to exist for whatever reason the former member agrees to immediately cease using any and all letters (which are protected by copyright, meaning the use thereof would be a direct copyright infringement).

c) If it is established a former member has continued to use any Bestagents product in any way either by general offer, physical or digital, for a period beyond 30 days from the cessation date, then the former member shall be liable for payment to Bestagents of an amount equal to three times the former member’s monthly subscription amount for any part of a monthly period after 30 days from the members cessation date for each 30 day period thereafter.

d) Notwithstanding an existing contract period, a member may give notice to terminate their Bestagents membership by giving 60 days in writing.

Rule 4. Communication

Sorry, but we don’t use faxes or snail mail. If you need to contact us for any reason, please send us an email or submit a support ticket.

Rule 5. Getting set for success in the digital world

Sorry, but helping with basic IT functions like opening a PDF or getting a video to play is not part of your membership support package. We expect you to be able to do this or if you don’t, it is up to you to find out.

As you are probably aware by now we embrace technology (like we have a choice?). This means our members need to get set up to embrace it as well. As we discover new technologies and applications that can assist members and give them a competitive edge, we’ll be sharing them.

You will need a capable fast PC or Mac. You will need to be able to download documents, scan and send documents and open PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

You will need a fast reliable cloud based CRM like LockedOn.

Almost all of our coaching and training sessions are online Webinars. We use a group Webinar system called GoToMeeting. When we book a Webinar and send you an invitation to join the Webinar, you simply confirm you will be joining and note the time in your calendar.

Rule 6. You’re an agent

You’re licensed to sell real estate in your state or territory and you are actively involved no less than 5 days per week. If you’re a part timer we can’t help you. The system is not designed for part timers. A real estate career is not designed for part timers.

Rule 7. Marketing U (This is not so much a rule but a caution)

A big reason why so many successful real estate professionals join Bestagents and secure their postcode is so they can super charge their personal marketing.

Creating and developing a great personal marketing profile is central to your success but this needs to be built over time.

Effective marketing happens when a contact is made and receives regular quality communication from the agent. So here comes the ‘rule’ part of marketing (it’s actually a rule we can never enforce but we feel so strongly about it we’ll sneak it into anything that members will read):

When a free book, flyer, letter or some other marketing piece designed to produce a response is sent out with the agent’s logo included, the response is dismal. We know this because we have tested it many, many times.

The old school theory (which worked in the 50s and 60s by the way) was to promote the brand at any and every opportunity. So agents typically love to plaster their logo over envelopes, letters, flyers, cards and fridge magnets wherever they can.

However, exhaustive testing has established that consumers really don’t care about your logo any more than they care about their neighbour’s last vacation.

In fact, using company logos in a direct marketing message is a massive disconnect from the real purpose. Your target is subconsciously distracted.

There will be plenty of opportunities to promote your corporate logo once you have secured the listing and your sign goes in the front garden and other marketing begins. Using your logo will sabotage your marketing success.