Our Philosophy

If listing and selling real estate were easy, everyone would be doing it. But for most, it’s not easy. It’s challenging and difficult and often persuades the rookie agent to seek their fame and fortune elsewhere. It often persuades the jaded veteran to seek an alternative income.

But how difficult and challenging is it? It’s not Kokoda Track difficult, it’s knowledge and discipline difficult.

If a real estate professional looking to improve can gain the knowledge required and harness the personal discipline to implement that knowledge, it’s a sure-fire recipe for success.

In fact, through our membership over the years we have proven hundreds of times that gaining knowledge and mustering the personal discipline to take the necessary action produces results each time. In many cases these results are a doubling and even tripling of income.

So why do so many agents struggle?

Every day, new people begin their real estate careers. They come from every professional walk of life. They bring their life skills, their beliefs, their hopes and dreams of a better life and they bring the enthusiasm and passion that comes with a new beginning.

What happens in the next 90 days will make or break the rookie’s career. The support, the right training and the ability to spend time doing the right things will determine the new comers’ success in real estate.

At Bestagents we believe passionately in two things:

  • First, we believe every property seller wants to receive a better than average sale result, in a reasonable time and have a great real estate selling experience.
  • Second, we believe that ANY real estate professional can quickly acquire the knowledge, skill and ability to deliver on these three wants.

Our job at Bestagents is to equip members with everything they need to deliver on these three specific seller needs.

Regardless of how much time a new Bestagents member has spent in the industry, we will work with them to make sure they have the very best opportunities to advance their careers through innovative marketing, the very best and proven systems plus ongoing support and mentorship through our advanced training and coaching programs.

Whether you’re a new recruit looking to kickstart your career or an experienced pro in search of a success ‘injection’ to get you back on track, we welcome you to Bestagents.

Many Bestagents members are among the top performers in our industry and we thank you in advance for sharing your success with the BA community.

Wherever you’ve been and wherever you come from, you’re rapid success is our ultimate reward. We can’t wait to start working with you and sharing our systems and ideas.

Become a Bestagents member today and secure exclusive access to real estate’s most advanced and successful personal marketing system.